New Furthur mini guitars!

Bob Weir or Phil Lesh Collectible Miniature Guitar w/ stand.

These guitars are miniature 1:4 scale replica model that can fit in the palms of your hands. They are approximately 9.5-10.5" in length and come with a adjustable display stand, as well as a guitar gift box. They are handcrafted out of solid mahogany wood, with solid metal tuning keys. Each guitar is SOLD SEPARATELY ($40 each) UNLESS YOU PURCHASE THE COMBO DEAL. Each guitar will have an autograph printed on the headstock. These replica miniature guitars are not playable even though they look so great.

Choose your favorite miniature guitar or order both and save $5. This is a PRE-ORDER event. Order your guitar(s) today to secure your selection. There is a limited supply. We expect to begin shipping these items approximately the second week of August 2011.